The Lobby Fizeaustraat is located close to Amstel station. Tram 12 and Metro 51, 53 and 54 all stop at Amstel Station. Then, keeping the station at your back, walk to the right.  The road bends to the left, and you will find yourself at The Lobby within 5 minutes (keep an eye out for the V-sign shining on our terrace).

The Lobby Fizeaustraat | Fizeaustraat 2 | 1097 SC Amsterdam | (+31) 20-7585275

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Cafe/Restaurant/Bar The Lobby Fizeaustraat is located on the ground floor of hotel V fizeaustraat in a surprising new location in an undiscovered part of Amsterdam: close to the Amstel Station and overlooking the beautiul Amstel river skyline. This beautiful building designed by Piet Zanstra in the 70's stood empty for 12 years before we found it and fell in love. If you've never been to this calm, green neighborhood of 'Amsteldorp' in Amsterdam East, then allow us to introduce you to the area.

Just a quick note:
For dog lovers: We love dogs.... However, from a hygienic point of view, we don't allow dogs in the restaurant.




Hotel guests pay €25,- per day

Restaurant guests for lunch = free until 15:00

Restaurant guests for dinner = €5,-